What is the wall made of?
The media is WBM, an eco-friendly and non toxic sheet that is polymer based and not paper.

How is it installed?
It’s installed using an advanced technique of cell adhesion. Our team of experts makes the installation a very hassle free process. The whole procedure takes a couple of hours only.

Is it safe?
All designs are eco-friendly and pollution free, and conform to the stringent quality and environment standards. Moreover, the material is fire resistant, which will act as a protection too.

On which surface can it be installed?
It can be installed on glass, wood, smooth stones, tiles, floors, ceilings, and also metal with smooth surface. Moreover, it can also be installed on white goods like refrigerators and ACs.

Is it easily cleaned?
WBM can be very easily wiped clean with a sponge. So if your child uses sketch pen or crayon on it, or you accidentally drop tea on it, don’t worry. It will always be clean as new.

How long will it last?
The material used in the walls is highly durable. Moreover, we also provide 2 years warranty from the date of implementation, which acts as icing on the cake.

Can it be customized?
Of course it can be. We can bring your wall alive with whatever design you want, on whatever topic you want.


Happy customers share their delight

“Very appealing product. Great job done.” Sec 121, Noida
— Mr. & Mrs. Amit Jain
“The work was amazing. The wall actually looks ‘the wall of fame’ and the workforce is outstanding.”
— Mr. Tarun, Indrapuram
“It’s Looking great. Innovative concept, great work.” , Sec 34, Noida
— Mrs. Ranveer Kaur
“A very innovative concept, fills my home with a positive energy.”
— Mrs. Poonam Singh
Good awesome service. Great Product!
— Sahil Bakshi, Gurgaon


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